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René Barbier


René Barbier arrives at We Are Partners with a challenge: to rejuvenate the target of the brand without losing its values ​​or its personality. René Barbier is a wine brand with a great reputation among the most adult audience that knows and appreciates its great tradition and the value of its entire range of products. The main problem was that drinking wine among the younger ones was not "as hipster" as it is now, so the challenge of communication was much more than a change of positioning, we had to make fashion a habit of consumption. We turn the problem into an opportunity. We made of tradition our differential value and made it the strategic axis of all its communication. Because tradition allowed us to talk about the personality of the brand and at the same time, connect with the youngest through an umbrella concept that was an insight in itself: Classics never fail. A territory and positioning, which have allowed us to develop a transversal communication strategy, durable and perfectly adaptable in all types of supports and platforms. A message that gave voice to a new way of "talking" and "being" of the brand. A strategy that reached our potential audience achieving the goal of rejuvenating the brand in 90 days.

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