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Škoda launched Superb, its high-end car model, with great performance. The problem was that Škoda was still perceived as a mid-range brand, austere design and poor performance. A prejudice we had to break. How? Turning the campaign into a sociological experiment. We cover the brand of our car and we launched a question as simple as it was shocking: What brand is this car? We were so sure of the quality of the vehicle that we gave people the opportunity to guess the car brand taking into account the design, the materials and the benefits, without the prejudices that implies knowing the logo. The action was a success. We managed to surprise 11 thousand people, we managed to make them change their minds about the brand. In addition, the campaign had an average impact of 6,500 interactions in RRSS, video-case achieved 1 million views and the publication reached a total of more than 3 million users.


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