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Sabadell Bank Autorenting


Banc Sabadell had created AutoRenting, a financial product for companies, that was to become, also, a product for individuals and needed to communicate this repositioning in a different way. They were aware that the brochures and flyers that customers could find in the bank's offices were not effective in these cases. At We Are Partners we proposed to change the focus and move away from the more conventional supports. To do this, we created an umbrella concept that explained the product very well, and at the same time, gave meaning to a new way of communicating from the bank. "AutoRenting. La otra forma de tener". We create, design and develop a monthly newspaper paper and digital newspaper. A newspaper full of relevant and interesting content, for companies and individuals, which became a new medium of communication between the bank and its customers. A newspaper that included interviews with celebrities, articles and useful and practical information related, directly and indirectly, to the automotive industry and the need to have a vehicle. A newspaper that allowed us to turn advertising into information and make possible "The Other Way of Communicating." To date, AutoRenting continues to operate in analogue format, in its offices and in digital format, on its website.

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